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Solar Energy

Solar greenhouses use a special photovoltaic solar panel that was developed for greenhouse roofs. It not only generates renewable electricity but can also help plants in their food-making process, known as photosynthesis, using a light-altering dye.

A greenhouse doesn’t increase the sun’s energy or concentrate the incoming light. This means that ground under a greenhouse doesn’t receive more light than a patch of land not under the greenhouse. 

Farm-to-Table Energy.

Sunlight is not just any other kind of light. It carries heat energy as well. Therefore, when sunlight passes through a material such as glass, some converts into heat energy. 

Clean Energy.
Clean Food.

The benefit of utilizing a solar greenhouse is that you will not have any greenhouse emissions typical of a regular greenhouse.

In that regard, gardens and vegetable patches are like solar panels. You can capture a lot more of that energy to extend your growing seasons and produce more food by utilizing greenhouses and cold frames.

The panes of a greenhouse usually capture that heat energy and hold it in. From there, solar heating benefits the insulation supported in conventional greenhouse design, and it also adds passive solar energy into any electronics running on the property. 

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New solar technology generates electricity without harming plant growth inside the greenhouse. They also provide cooling during the summer, preventing the plants from overheating.

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