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Natural Gas Turbines

Gas turbines are the main electricity-generating components in most power plants. When they operate at high temperatures, they use less fuel, operate more efficiently, and enable carbon capture technologies to more effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Advanced Tri-Gen Power Systems (ATPS), is a nominal 40 MW operation using three Solar Turbines Titan 130 gas turbines.

Farm-to-Table Energy.

Sunlight is not just any other kind of light. It carries heat energy as well. Therefore, when sunlight passes through a material such as glass, some converts into heat energy. 

Clean Energy. Clean Food.

Plus, as there is an increased concentration of CO2 in the exhaust gas, we can use that to enhance the CO2 level in the greenhouse itself because the plants thrive in higher CO2 levels. 

The use of cogeneration systems to provide heat and power for greenhouses that grow anything from vegetables to flowers, is somewhat common in Europe mostly using reciprocating engines. It is not as common in the U.S. And rarely, on either side of the Atlantic, are gas turbines used as the heat and power source in this kind of use.

Greenhouses are expected to utilize excess thermal energy and carbon dioxide from ATPS’s turbines. By providing low-grade heat and abundant CO2, the collaboration will be designed to maximize plant production in the facility and allow for more efficient use of Gas Turbine power generation plant.

It's a combined heat and power operation, so the exhaust gas out of the turbines goes to a heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) which creates steam, and that steam is sent to the facilities. 

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